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Re: Heart Sutra

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Nice post, Erick. I never knew of anyone before Aquinas using the idea of an un-caused cause, ...

One downside, a pessimist might say, is that for this cause to be 100% objective with relation to us means complete ambivalence, no love or hate, but primarily no love, so what is the use? The upside would spring from the idea that and I mean that complete objectivity would necessarily be transcendant wisdom. The above is what triggered the memory.
So many of today's moral problems that are, in part, encompassed in what the Heart Sutra addresses, are the results of misplaced objectivity, in the sense of treating persons as objects and not subjects in their own right. Science has taught us that the material universe exists in unity of objectivity. In both traditions, persons are treated as participants in a unity of subjectivity, related to but ultimately lying beyond the ephemera of objects and their manifold affects.

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The "what is north of the north-pole?" question is this:
Well, it depends. If you follow the prior trajectory, and simply do not go "south," you either depart the surface of the sphere at the tangent, or else if you follow the field lines you descend into the fiery center and end up at the South Pole.

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...what if the idea generally considered a supreme existence, uncaused in our universe, happens to have a long chain of cause an effect preceeding it, and ultimately to its own uncaused cause?
Infinite regress is, itself, an indication that the problem has no rational solution. That is not to say that the answer is unreasonable, but merely the answer is not to be understood by means of reason ... I think the Fathers indicated that the only modes of response are either despair or faith, and that choice is always before us.

I would note that no one has collected from Pascal yet.

Since Prof. Heisenberg observed much the same to hold true within the objective universe, and we seem to manage that fundamental uncertainty well enough, why should the realm of subjectivity be any different?


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