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Bruce Baker
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First seminar/ fun, huh!

I love going to seminars! Not only do you get a different slant on the same old thing in a new light, but the variety of new people who have fun riding the waves of energy of a technique, but just the pure joy of practice is so invigorating!

There is the drawback of wrestling mats that are very hard from lack of use and materials that harden as they grow old or cold? With these types of situations you should learn to use quiet/softer falls instead of loud thumpers that shake the ground. You will find that being able to do softer falls, rolls, and keeping your techniques in a tighter circle in group practice will facilitate less accidental bumps and crashes? When you move to the outter edges of the mat for line throws, the large circle and a gentler throw in line practice a blessing for an easier recovery on hard mats.

I know how impressive people want to be who are under two hundred pounds with breakfalls that make a lot of noise, or are large circles with the hands and feet taking the brunt of impact, but on those hard mats? NO WAY!!

Believe it or not, I have found that if the noise of the fall or roll is louder than the snap of the fingers, it creates some kind of pain to shorten my practice ... of course one hour for me is like four or five hours to a normal person, but that is another story.

I am glad you had fun. I know I am not having fun unless I am tapping from a finishing technique, and laughing when I get up to do more! I just love it when that feeling of uke and nage in harmony from beginning to end ... like riding a wave from way out and ending up on the beach by running off the board at the end!

Haven't done that since before kids and marriage over twenty years ago ... no wonder aikido is such fun.
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