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Hello Mona, hello all your others!

It's great that there seems to be the same special spirit in all the seminars all over the world!

My organization also helds a week long summer camp every year. At the second and third day you barely can't move because of the sore muscles, but in the end it's always too short and everyone longs for next years summer camp. Some people do really camping, with tents and so on, last year in the lake district (UK) it rained all the week and the year before in Brussels, too. This year we will be in France, next to Freiburg and the german border. This is almost a guarantee for nice warm sunny weather.

Most of the bruises I had when I was second kyu. We wear colored belts and 2nd kyu is blue. So maybe there's a correlation? Since I'm shodan, I noticed that bruises are almost an exception now, maybe this indicates improvement in my Aikido?

Mona, I'm glad you like my name. It's the female version of Simon and it's (I think) hebrew, meaning "God has listened". What I value in this forum here is that there are Aikidoka from all over the world contributing. Thanks Jun!

Best regards,

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