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Hi Mona,

Welcome to the world of rolling out of bed in the morning and wondering where all the bruises came from!

Most of the national Aikido organizations hold some sort of Summer Camp, usually lasting a week. At first you think that you will not survive another minute, but somewhere around the third day, it becomes much easier. You are not going to work, or dressing up; you're not fighting traffic jams or rushing off to lunch. You discover how much of your daily energy is spent just on living in modern society. Around the fifth day, you dread the idea of going back to work and leaving all your new friends. On the last day, you're already making arrangements to come back for next years camp.

Love your dojo web page, by the way. It has a lighter touch than most. (Not quite as light as mine, but few do!
(Antarctica Aikikai

Have fun!

Jim Baker
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