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My first seminar


Today I went to an Aikido training seminar, for the very first time.
I've been training in the Art for almost 10 months now, but it kinda freaked me out to attend a class with hundreds of other students from all over the country, and in a completely foreign dojo. Actually, it wasn't really a dojo, no dojo can take so many people, we used the indoor basketball course of this very luxurious health club. The tatami that was brought was VERY hard, so, for the first few minutes, everybody hurt themselves performing ukemis.
We trained for two hours and a half, which to me seemed considerable, considering that I usually train for one hour, three times a week. But it felt great afterwards. It's very beneficial to train with people you've never met. But thank the gods my sensei was the one giving the seminar (after all, he's the one who has firmly established Aikido in the country).
We did the three main Jo katas (which was a rather funny experience because there was very little space for us AND our weapons, and we kept bumping into each other), various types of irimi nage and kokyu ho, tsuki kote gaeshi with and without the Jo, and some suwari waza.
Time went by very quickly, it was exhausting overall, but it was also very exciting.
Just felt like sharing my first seminar experience.
But we still have tomorrow! I'll tell you all about it later.
After the reception of course!


The Glade
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