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Re: Suckerpunched, ouch

Paige Frazier wrote:
3. You should only punch with your first 2 knuckles (index and middle knuckles). These 2 are the hardest to break, however, they can still be broken, depending on whether there is a covering on your hand and which part of the body you are punching. But the 1st 2 knuckles are definitely the only ones who should make contact.
You might be right for all I really know, but I do know at least one or two people who would disagree. I think there are trade-offs between punching with the first two or the last three knuckles. The first two, having smaller surface area, are easier to strike with so they make contact together, giving more support and less chance of breaking; with the last three knuckles, it's easier to lead with the pinky knuckle by mistake and break it, but if done properly, I don't think it's necessarily a bad punch...particularly if it's conditioned well. Perhaps the advantage to punching with the last three knuckles is you have even more surface area through which to absorb the impact.

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