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Re: Speak English

Lucy Smith wrote:
I always thought it would be great to speak a language nobody speaks around you, and maybe share it with a friend and say everything you want at any time... lol my school teachers would get quite some curses.
My wife and I would sometimes do something similar, while living in the USA. I've had to break that habit, now that we're in Japan. My broken Japanese is offensive enough, without me actively saying offensive things. Hmmm.. maybe I shouldn't be saying offensive things in the first place! Also, a number of Japanese people secretly speak English.
I was in a crowd, the other day, and listened to a couple of other gaijin speaking English. They were sooo loud. It was "slut" this and "$%%^" that.

I've decided, in the future, to teach my wife Pig Latin and then use that when the situation demands.

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