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Re: Cross training with Hapkido? Any advice?

I didn't say that studying one thing is the only way to learn about another, nor did I say it is the most effective way. I was merely showing that it is one way to do it.

I don't see why someone can't train in more than one martial art and appreciate each for it's own sake, while also gaining something from each that will aid that student in the others.

To imply that you are a bad student if you study more than one thing seems a bit silly to me. Was Ueshiba a bad Daito-ryu student because he also studied various schools of swordsmanship etc.? Would we even have modern aikido if he hadn't? The same goes for Tohei. Was he a bad student for studying yoga and healing techniques and incorporating them in his Aikido? There certainly wouldn't be the various modern Shin Shin Toitsu-ryu derivatives if he hadn't.

As a said before, I choose to only study aikido, and there is nothing wrong with your choice to do the same. However, I still feel that it is disrespectful to claim that this is the only correct thing to do.
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