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Re: Gun Crimes

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
Guns are a symbol of misplaced, misogynous masculinity. The movies which promote the gun as this symbol are easy to rattle off...Dirty Harry; Reservoir Dogs (or, ANY Quentin Tarantino, Sam Peckinpah, etc film), Unforgiven (or just about any Western made pre-Unforgiven).
Guns are tools, for good or ill.

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
Yes, I felt that there were times the police protected. I don't feel that way any more (and I know a fair number of police), certainly after I've had to face down whatever-city's-finest, protesting.
Police officers are just human beings behind those badges. If I call the police because someone is breaking into my house, I think that they would rather arrive on the scene to find that I've shot the intruder than have to risk their lives to deal with them for $30 grand a year.

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
But, those of you who speak up (James, etc) talk about it as if there is no other way to preserve one's safety, than to buy a gun.
Hmm. No. I said:
James Davis, Jr. wrote: View Post

Guns aren't the only defense available when threatened by another person with a gun, but I'd rather try and defend myself with a gun than with a letter opener.
If I thought that guns were the only way to protect myself, I wouldn't have ever walked into a dojo.

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