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Re: Gun Crimes

According to the Small Arms Survey 2007
out of the 875million military, civilian and police firearms in the world, 650million of them are civilian, and 270million (41%) are owned by Americans.

This means that there are 90 firearms per 100 citizens in the US...

My neighbourhood country Finland are on 3rd place with 56 firearms per 100 citizens and yet only 14% of homicides are gun-related. (America have 2/3rds)

My own country Sweden are on 8th place with 31 guns per 100 citizens, putting us on the same place as Canada and Austria. Countries with comparatively low gun related homicides, and yet a pretty high ownership of guns.

in America there is an average gun-killing rate of 3.97 per 100,000 of the population; in Canada it is 0.59; in Switzerland it is 0.51; in Sweden it is 0.37; in England and Wales it is 0.14 (12).
from here:

But these weapons are long arms, they're used for hunting and sport. Not self defence of robberies. (although there are exceptions naturally)

Also i found this:
it is a federal crime for a gun to be possessed by the following people (even in cases of recreational hunting):

# A convicted felon
# An illegal drug user or addict
# An illegal alien
# A dishonorably discharged military member
# Anyone convicted of domestic violence
# A fugitive
# Anyone under indictment
# Anyone subject to a final protection order
# Anyone adjudicated mentally defective
# Anyone engaged in a federal crime of violence or a drug crime
on a site about Gun control in West Virginia.. (since Mark brought it up)
So.. basically these are people in West Virginia Who don't have rights to own a gun legally..
I don't know about you, but I sure have no problems with that..

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