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Re: Gun Crimes

Neil, I agree that more could have been done in the past to stop the shooter, and this is a failing in our society which happens again and again and minimal steps are taken to prevent it. for something which the public does seemed concerned about it, it is a curious thing.

Mark does have a valid point though that people in these situations generally choose (there was an incident last year in VA where a gunman choose a police station instead) places where people are unlikely to be armed. The problem is, since we as a society have not taken more steps to prevent these incidents before they occur, what options can be implemented when such an event arises? Clearly better security measures, communication and coodination, but I don't see why one can't take measures for their own self defense.

Even if America became suddenly gun hostile, I would assume unbalanced individuals might do the same as in japan, and have mass knifings.,00.html

(8 dead, 15 students and 2 teachers injured)

Mark is correct, utilizing a firearm is a last resort.

Neil, I appreciate your honest answers about permit holders. At least online, few people are willing to admit that.
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