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I have a problem with the idea of guns as a cureall for personal and public security.
Well, I think you'd find that most "pro-gun" people agree with you.
Carrying a gun isn't a cure all for most. It's a last resort that most don't really want to use. And when it comes to life and death, one phrase is oft repeated: I'd rather have a tool and not need it than need it and not have it.

But, as I said, it's last resort. The people that I know who carry also take classes (safety, defensive shooting, etc), read books on all aspects (legal, ethical, etc), and understand that not putting oneself in a bad situation in the first place is number one for safety.

But, things happen. You could be in a McDonalds and someone can come in and open fire. You can be at a University and someone can come in and open fire. If it comes down to life and death ... some people prefer to have a tool to help keep living. Especially since you can't outrun or stop a bullet.

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Since your 2nd article was inspired by the VA Tech shootings, let's start there.

What could have been more of a preventative to VA-Tech massacres, than if the student-body were concealed permit-holders?

How about listening to the teachers and counselors who were giving off early-warnings about the shooter?
Sure. Most people agree with you. Something should have been done before. But, you won't catch all of them that way. So, then, what would have been more preventative -- disarming all of the campus or allowing concealed carry on the campus? Did you ever wonder why there's been no psychotic, mass shootings at: an NRA event, a gun show, or anywhere there are multitudes of pro-gun people congregating?

Even though killers like the one at the VA tech school are psychotic, they aren't stupid. They know that to inflict mass damage on that kind of scale, they have to go where there are "no-gun" zones or where someone can't stop them. In other words, schools.

Neil Mick wrote: View Post
But I suppose if I were to talk about it personally: sure, I'm much more comfortable around a permit-carrier with a concealed weapon than not. Still, guns in anyone's hands make me nervous. I think, tho, that we're talking on two different wavelengths...neither of them wrong, as such, just different.

You're looking at the practical nature of guns in the hands of a fully authorized permit carrier; and I am looking at guns as a social and pyschological influence on society.
You're in the wrong area, then. Move to West Virginia. Guns are integral to the society. We're a hunting/shooting state. Even our Democratic congress critters understand that they can't be "anti-gun". One fact of life is that if you grow up around guns, the "fear" isn't there. But if you grow up in a place where guns are portrayed as "bad" and are legally outlawed, then the gov't instills a "fear" into its citizenry. It becomes a negative social and psychological influence on society, but only because it is created that way.

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