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Re: Want to learn Aikido, any helpfull info

I wouldn't persue 'Steven Seagal's' style; it seems apparent to me that many of the instructors are just trying to make money out of the name. I haven't trained with him myself, so I can't judge (though one of his students wanted to visit, though he requested a 'personal bathroom' and changing area, and quite expensive fees), but I would personally go for something like Yoshinkan or Aikikai where you can get a good solid grounding in aikido. Saying this, the quality of training depends more on your instructor than on their grade, 'style' or affiliation. I didn't know the 'Tenshin' aikido style myself was that which Steven Seagal used. Probably many people in Yoshinkan and Aikikai pretty much ignore Tenshin style since Yoshinkan and Aikikai are huge and very important affiliations. Now if it was the other way around, and a 6th dan hadn't heard of yoshinkan or aikikai, I would be worried.

Best thing is - find a dojo you feel comfortable training in and ignore the affiliation and styles. After a time you will be more aware of the style you want to train in and what you want to get out of it. I train in a tiny affiliation (Aiki no Michi) which is very different to my original affiliation, but I get an enormous amount out of it, partly 'cos it is differrent, and also because the instructors are good and the people are friendly.

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