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Greg Jennings
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Re: Want to learn Aikido, any helpfull info

Hi DJ,

I'm in Montgomery. I know the scene up there pretty well. There is no "Tenshin Aikido" there to my knowledge. Aikido just isn't so common in the South that you'd find just whatever you were looking for even in a larger city like B-ham.

I know Bushnell Sensei and I think you could learn aikido just fine there...if it works for you. There are a couple of other schools that you should check out.

One is Faulkner Sensei's school: 205-9917250 . They have a long heritage and are associated with the ASU. I train with them at seminars every so often.

The other is Couch Sensei's school Couch Sensei has been associated with Toshishiro Obata Sensei for many years. I've traded e-mails with Couch Sensei on sensitive matters and he seems to be an upstanding gentleman. .

If you're ever in Montgomery, drop us a line and come by to play. I promise that you'll break a sweat and have a good time.

Best regards,

Greg Jennings
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