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Chris Parkerson
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Re: Chris Parkerson and Structure (from Kotegaeshi resistance thread)

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Chris, that's like watching a white belt in Aikido and saying, oh yeah, I can see what Aikido is. Seems kind of silly, don't you think? I am nowhere near a level to show good structure.

And then you make posts like this and it's not what I understand structure to be.

Um, well, no. I'd say that your uke in those videos was not displaying *any* kind of structure that we work on. 0%. Nothing. While he might have the kind of structure we work on (I don't know if he does or not), it was not shown on the video posted.

Please take a step back, discard any thoughts that you are doing the same stuff or know what we are doing and then look anew at things with the mental outlook that what we are working on is something completely different. Because from that one vid, my opinion is that your uke isn't showing anything of the structure that we're working on.

Sorry Mark, if you took offense. This is just aikido with short hands rather than extended ones. Moe (a Tomiki man) would call flamidamide aikido.
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