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Re: Sen sen no sen

Stefan Stenudd wrote:
If I am not mistaken, the earliest counter attack timing is the sen sen no sen, which should be done at the moment when uke decides to attack, but has not started moving yet. This, I believe, is central in aikido. In my opinion, it is not the same as starting the fight - although difficult to tell apart, for the bystander
Of course. Initiative in Aikido has nothing to do with "starting a fight" so to speak. In fact the idea is to end the fight as it is starting.

This is why folks who like to "fight" often have issue with Aikido in "fighting" such as in NHB events and self defence situations. One who really uses Aikido effectively does not allow things to degenerate into a fight or struggle. The idea is to resolve the conflict as soon as, if not before they start to get physical imho.


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