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Sen sen no sen

Larry Camejo wrote:
Ron made a good point about Sen timing (Sen no Sen is another). Aikido is all about taking and controlling the initiative imo. It's not a solely "defensive" martial art - that is a total fallacy.
If I am not mistaken, the earliest counter attack timing is the sen sen no sen, which should be done at the moment when uke decides to attack, but has not started moving yet. This, I believe, is central in aikido. In my opinion, it is not the same as starting the fight - although difficult to tell apart, for the bystander
Larry Camejo wrote:
Having done some training in tactical folding knife (as taught to SWAT and those types), a lot of the training is based on the premise that you never let the target see the knife until after he feels it penetrating a vital organ, artery or muscle.
That is why it is good aikido strategy to treat every attacker as if armed. For example, moving out of the way of a strike, not blocking it - and so on.

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