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Re: Ushiro Ukemi

When my knee blew out, I could no longer do the rock back, rock forward, stand up kind of back fall. I also could no longer do a backroll.

I can do a nice fast hard fall if I'm thrown straight down, and I find it very easy to do (and don't feel at all compromised by doing) the kind of backfalling that circular like a breakfall and generates the momentum to bring me up into a horse stance using my arms and legs to rise in a circular direction.

It is noted that IRL I am not overly concerned with needing to get up to deal with multiple attackers while I am quite concerned with surviving falls on pavement, which I have done very well over the years.

In truth, were I to have to design a curriculum from scratch, I"m not sure why I would include backrolls when the repertoire of other back falls run the gamut from hard to soft and cover all angles of projection. Curious to read why backrolls are considered important.

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