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It was never called Ueshiba-ha Daito-ryu. Ueshiba called what he did Daito-ryu and issued makimono in that name. After the break with Takeda, Aikibudo (there was a brief period where he referred to his art as Kobu(something), linking to the Emperor. I do not believe he ever had a dojo of Aioi-ryu. Rather, he used the term to refer, after-the-fact, to a period of his own training (and not explicitly - he would say something like, "I studied Kashima-ryu, Yagyu-ryu Aioi-ryu . . . .Given he took whatever he saw and per Sugino, then would say, "In Aiki, we do that this way . . ." - I don't think he made much distinction between what he 'stole' and what were his own changed slants on Daito-ryu.

And there was, to my knowledge, no Daito-ryu enrolled in the Butokukai.

Ellis Amdur
Yes I know. I was referring to the post from the Aikido Sangenkai:, meaning although he still called his art Daito ryu, at that time it was probably filled with certain aspects that he himself added thus the "Ueshiba Ha" that i added although in context of the post it was not correct.

But as you wrote it was Daito ryu, Aiki-budo and then Aikido. Aikido being the amalgamation of his pursuit in encompassing all the aspects that he learned, "stole", under the single postulate of Aiki.
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