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Re: Can we see that aikido is all over the place in MMA?

Some of the absolute best striking martial artists in the world are perhaps the most proficient "demonstrators" of the aiki, if you don't mind my creating a word for my own benefit.

Think of Iron Mike Tyson during the prime of his career, and if necessary, go to youtube to bring up some of his early fight videos. Do you ever see Mike moving straight in on a ready opponent, one with lead hand ready to snap the quick jab? No, you don't. Do you ever see Mike walk straight into a punch? No, you see him moving in, and often, right into what seems the very blast of oncoming strikes, but he is actually slipping forwards at the oblique, in perhaps the 10-20 degree approach angle, where we like to do our stuff.

Another great place to see fantastic aiki at work, even if they don't call it that, is Olympic Taekwondo. Go watch some, and watch the angles of the opponents moving in/out, angles and circles, all in the manipulation of mai ai. It's heady stuff. Happens so fast that it's difficult to see if you aren't trying to look at it specifically. Well, that and all the flying feet can be distracting.

I find it interesting that the kanji character for kuzushi illustrates a mountain falling on a house.
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