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Re: The Restoration of Peace

Mary Malmros wrote: View Post
What does "enlightenment" have to do with failed states?

And what "zones without war" are these? And how are they created? Are you saying that war comes only to the "unenlightened", and that all people have to do to prevent a war is be "enlightened"? Sounds good on paper (well, sort of), but it avoids a central truth: that you don't have to want war to be at war. Regardless of the state of your soul, the war will come to you. Millions of people died in the Congo. Do you think they died because they were warlike or unenlightened?
Unenlightened equals ignorant. Ignorance causes failure and war and chaos.

A zone, an area without war at the moment.

We are all interconnected and thus brothers and sisters as one people. War is caused by ignorance and thus can spring up in various places at various times and and so yes, not enough enlightened people. Conversely thus too much ignorance seen as right. Thus we suffer.

As long as we believe 'regardless of soul or heart or spirit' then we fail to take responsibility for the cause. Thus, oh yes, it will come to us some day. The result of our own cause.

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