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Re: The Restoration of Peace

Consider the activities of expansion and contraction. They are complimentary in the sense that you can't have one without the other, but they are not complimentary in the sense that an expanding force always wants to drive a system to infinity, while a contracting force always wants to drive that same system to zero. The have no 'regard' for each other.

Now, this system (any system, which would include a human life) will cycle between some absolute maximum (say ultimate health for a human) and an absolute minimum (death), and at absolute minimum the two activities will, for a 'moment', disappear, and you may argue that this is peace. I could not disagree with that. But this state, this zero is just temporary, the system will split once again into the two activities ... to cycle again and again and again.

When you can see mutually opposing activities in all things (the universe, the planet, a human life, breathing, your mind) ... then you may achieve some sense of a 'peace of mind' ... a peace that comes from knowing that everything (especially your mind) will always be in a state of flux.

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