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raul rodrigo
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Re: Best technique to use against someone shoving you?

Thanks for the input, Larry. Will check these ideas out on the mat tomorrow. In our judo dojo, waki gatame was our judo sensei's preferred counter to anyone who was stiff-arming and preventing you from entering with a throw. So it was a more of a standing technique in our dojo. Sensei also taught us that the second your elbow passes over his elbow, drop to both knees immediately, making counters very difficult. I agree that applying waki with the downward pressure is usually great at getting pain and compliance. But as both uke and nage, I seem to get a more calibrated, precise, aiki effect with the horizontal pressure once both knees are on the mat. Many times,when a nage is applying the downward pressure, once he's down on both knees, he tries to simply power down on my arm to get the tap, and unless he's sensitive enough to be exactly on top of my elbow, he wastes a lot of energy because the pain isn't right on the money. Have you experienced anything like this?
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