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Re: Best technique to use against someone shoving you?

Raul Rodrigo wrote:
If the hijikime/wake gatame is done properly, then uke's arm is rotated forwards, so that his elbow is pointing forwards instead of at the ceiling, his fingers are pointing forwards with the thumb on top, and your arm is in front of his elbow, then my thinking is a forward roll isn't going to work, because nage's arm blocks the move forward.
The thing about the version indicated above however is that for many, the instinctive reacton to having the elbow rotated forward so much that it points to the front is to turn the body with the rotation to relieve the pressure, allowing the elbow to bend slightly regardless of whether Tori's arm is there or not as the attacker's turning of the torso changes the angle of the elbow before Tori gets it in nice and tight.

If the Uke is bigger than you this puts him in a side on position with his rib cage pressed against your back very close to you with his arm half way across your chest from the attempted arm lock, giving him an opportunity to pick you up using his hips and the other arm (placed on Tori's waist, leg, trousers or belt) and lean back to drop you or drop on top of you as your feet leave the ground. This counter is practiced in some Judo but mainly in Jujutsu from my experience and is done from the ground in Graeco Roman wrestling. The setup is semi instinctive so it can be dangerous if Tori is not quick and keeps the kuzushi moving in the right direction. The throw looks similar to one of those WWE wrestling throws where someone gets picked up inverted by the waist and chest and dropped onto their side, head or back depending on the degree of leverage gained. The exact throw looks something like this , but the relative body positions are reversed. The result is the same though, with Tori's balance being taken to the rear side.

Personally I think the elbow up variant is quicker and easier to apply and gets effective (i.e. causes pain and takes balance) faster than the elbow forward variant. The roll counter is possible, but can be eliminated by dropping to the floor/ground sharply, sending their roll crashing into the ground.

Just my thoughts.

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