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Re: Four Generations of the Ueshiba Family

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
What kind of system of oversight are you talking about? The Aikikai is certainly subject to legal and financial checks and regulations and even has to be careful about certain things to maintain its status as a non-religious organisation. I think you are suggesting is that people not of aikido, should assess all the different flavours of aikido.
I didn't say that at all - I said that there are effective systems of peer review (a "peer" is someone who also does Aikido) in terms of accreditation.

Except at certain very high levels the Aikikai never checks on promotions, nobody does, unless it's implemented by the local organization - but there's no requirement to do so and it often (usually) doesn't happen.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
You picked a source that is riddled with mistakes and distortions but one thing the author complains about in the article you linked to is actually the �einstructors and committees�f and even �ginterference�h by the Aikikai in collusion with other organisations such as JICA. Isn�ft that a (flawed) story of oversight, regulation and review of the multiple lineages I mentioned by the peers who gather around the iemoto lineage of the founder�fs organisation?
Umm, it's not a source, it's just a comment (to someone else's post) that mentioned someone else's experiences with a related issue.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
It seems that cost and interference are most people�fs gripes and more regulation, free insurance, perks for members etc isn�ft going to help that.
Those were just some quick example, professional association in the US are quite common, and survive because they provide something of benefit to their members - or they don't survive. In Aikido that "something of benefit" was (in the past) largely a personal relationship with the leadership - what I'm saying is that with the international scale today that benefit has been thinned beyond viability.

Carl Thompson wrote: View Post
So they�fre not allowed to use a traditional model for the transmission of the art because of the tatemae playing down of Daito Ryu as main parent art?
Well, there was quite a bit more lying that went on then just tatemae - why do you think that there is so much resentment from some people? I'm just saying that it makes it hard to claim the moral high ground.

In any case, Morihei Ueshiba broke all kinds of "traditions".

Is that really relevant to the point of whether a traditional model scales well for an international organization of the type that we have today?



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