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John Connolly
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Re: Who is training IS and why still?

3 reasons I train IS:

First and foremost: I'm training IS because I want to have the kind of real power that allows me to be merciful.

I started training in pugilistic disciplines as a lad and into my 20s, just to defend myself, but as my wisdom and compassion matured, I gravitated to more grappling style arts, as I'd rather have the capability to subdue or incapacitate (yes, even if it means breaking parts of them) an attacker, rather than potentially kill someone with blows to the head.

But still I'm searching for that leg-up that gives me the edge. I want to be able to dominate so completely in a confrontation as to have the REAL option to be merciful. I used to think it was about perfecting technique, but it's so much simpler (and more difficult at the same time) than that. I'm grateful to have met and learned from some extremely talented people on the path to IS skill training.

Secondly, I'm a huge nerd for martial arts-- not in the Tap Out shirt armchair warrior way or the obsessed Bruce Lee fan with "katanas" from chinatown on my walls way, but rather in the geeked out, I need to figure this out way.

My own teacher, Neil Yamamoto got me started thinking about this on another level 10 years ago, and when I've had the lucky occasion to learn from folks with genuine IS skills (and the ability to teach)-- I geek out completely.

Ark's stuff has been a wonderful puzzle for the last several years and has greatly improved my structure and ability to access ground-path, and now that I've had a chance to meet and learn from Dan and his students, I'm spinning trying to catch up and train my mind to teach my body this (new to me) stuff. Nerding out hard.

Third, I love IS work as it is testable, and requires self-examination. It is a process which does not lie. There is constant failure as well as the potential for growth and success thru hard work. This is the hallmark of any viable real skill.

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