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Re: Ki to the Highway

Matthew Story wrote: View Post
I think you are artificially inserting ki into a process that works just fine without it.
As I wrote above:

It is very very interesting, to practice qi gong the way I learn it, to practice aikidō the way I learned it:
No talking of ki/qi. Not at all. Just bodywork. Aligning the body, becoming what we call "permeable", searching for the "perfect" movement. Getting aware of the body. (The body, nothing else.) ... I am not able and don't want to describe our whole training process. No talking of ki/qi. Never. It works just fine without it. Just bodywork. Doing this for over 18 years now. In different ways.

It is certain forms of body work that lead to certain ways of understanding qi/ki. Not the other way round. You use your body. You use your intent. And maybe you come to find, what is called qi/ki. And if so it will strike you that your personal experience is identical with a lot of things that are to read in old texts. (Or good modern ones ...)
You will understand from personal experience. You will not get anything from "artificially inserting" it. And you will also come to know, that qi is not defined as "what can not be caught by modern science". It is just something that is very complex.
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