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Re: Ki to the Highway

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why would there even be a contest between belief and non-belief? belief isn't science, why would you want to use science to prove or disprove a thing that's not science?
Spot on, ships that pass in the night. If you're going to be a believer go for fideism not some half arsed attempt to give reasons for belief.

i remembered reading something that stated "you should believe in god." the logic is, if god doesn't exist, then you have nothing to lose. but if he/she/it exists and you don't, then you are screw. )
Pascal's wager. Thing is for it to be compelling we have to agree that there's a roughly equal probability to god's existence vs non-existence and that the payback on infinite paradise hugely outweighs the payback on having a good time right here right now. I know where my money is (on a bottle of single malt).
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