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Diana Frese
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Re: aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

Checking the posting dates, this thread was active mostly in the month before Sugano Sensei passed away last year, and then someone posted in January of this year, and then today. I only joined Aiki Web in November of 2010 but I have a suggestion that may be helpful. From Sugano Sensei's website last year it seems that a long time student of his, Tony Smibert, might be the one you might want to talk with. I don't know if I read an article he wrote, it would have been months ago, but I think you will get some good advice from him and a chance to discuss how you feel about your training and your continuing contact with your original dojo.

I guess this is for the original poster, although we don't seem to have heard from him since (Hope he will post and let us know) but also for the aikidoka who posted today. Good luck, I hope everything works out okay.
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