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Re: aikido politics - implications on training opportunities

Yep Aikikai Australia are pretty bad for that sort of thing and other unpleasantries.

I can remember going to watch Sugano sensei (I think it was his first visit to Aus after loosing his foot) at their old Leichhardt dojo and seeing an instructor that we knew and had trained with and who had visited our dojo on many occations, look at us and whisper "Pretend you don't know me" to protect himself from undue attention for his extracuricular activities.

If your moving to NSW or QLD send me a PM and I will try to point you to some dojo's that are friendly to people from other organisations.

But if your a current Aikikai Australia student trying to maintain good relations with your former dojo/Organisation whilst training with another organisation, then you may find things a little tricky.
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