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Re: The Challenge of Not Competing

I think I see a lot of people here placing a lot of human failings on "competition" as if it were a sentient being unto itself.

Imho the need for publicity, myopia in training to win an event, ego-gratification, furthering ones career at another's expense etc. are all Human characteristics associated with competition.

Competition itself is without these shortcomings. It merely defines a context where one or more people meet and test particular skills which are based on a ruleset. Interestingly enough, one of the major reasons that rules in competition exist is to mitigate the lengths some Humans may go to for the the sole purpose of winning.

If one competes for a job, client or sale and wins then it is up to that person to belittle his competitors and engage in creating publicity, gratifying his own ego etc. This is a quality of the person, not the competition for a job, client or sale.

The same goes for the person who wins an event and gets a gold medal. How he or she chooses to celebrate or not celebrate that victory is a personal thing. There are many who compete and simply leave with the knowledge gained through testing the self, not overly concerned with trinkets and prizes. These people are rare, but then what is of value usually is.

So imho one can easily blame "competition" for ones own egocentric needs and drives, and convince oneself that "it's not me, it's the game" for ones behaviour after winning or losing at something...

Or one can assume responsibility for ones actions, choices and behaviours inside and outside of a contest, as a winner or loser and strive to improve behaviour and self beyond the rules of a contest or the expectations of a crowd or the demands of a public.

Imho Budo is all about taking responsibility for oneself and ones actions - one can use competition as a tool towards higher development and control of egocentric actions associated with winning and losing, or one can use competition as a scapegoat for actions and behaviours that have and will always be products of the human condition.

Just a thought.


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