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Re: Learning from other arts?

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
Agreed. But still, why is it that we cannot change our perspective within 'our' art (Aikido in this case)? Would not you expect this to happen when you practise with a lot of different people?
Perhaps we are more willing to accept the view from an outsider, rather than trying to figure out yourself?
O.K. Tim.
So we agree on what I said.

Of course we can change our perspective within our art as you put it. I have trained with many Aikidoka and we share perspectives.

I share perspectives with those who have come from outside our art also.

I am certainly not against working it out for yourself for that's what you're meant to do as a student after receiving good instruction.

So I'm not sure exactly what you're getting at.

As to expectations, well it depends. If a person is not being taught a certain perspective that is needed for better understanding and progress or indeed a false one then their progress will be baulked no? Thus they need that missing perspective.

They could bump into another Aikidoka who says' look at it this way' and hey presto their off and running again.

If they don't find anyone then they may search outside the art.

Personally I've never met anyone outside of the art who has directly improved my Aikido. As to inside the art, I always find what I'm looking for.

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