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Re: Learning from other arts?

Tim Ruijs wrote: View Post
Been busy, hence the 'late' response...

By your examples one might conclude it takes a very short time to make some principles yours pretty quickly. This makes me wonder if practise within the art is efficient enough. I mean I could be training Aikido for ten years, do a side step to something else for a few months and then understand some principle and continue....
I know this happens and realise there are benefits, but still it makes me wonder why this progress cannot be made within the initial art.
I suppose it has something to do with mindset...change of food kinda thing.
What do you make of this?
Hi Tim.
The truth of the matter is that other person or teacher has a perspective that you had been unaware of. Thus suddenly the thing you have been trying to get to grips with makes more sense and thus becomes easier to learn.

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