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graham christian
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Re: Learning from other arts?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Your posts are all over the map and inconsistent within themselves, Graham. If you have something clear to say, it only comes out when you have to apologize and restate it over and over to people here. So many times people read your stuff all the same way...then you come back and tell us it meant the exact opposite of what you wrote!

As for when it suits me and crying foul...I argued against your arguments and didn't attack you....
As for manners...I will leave anyone to read the scathing comments you used when you joined in with likes of Tony and attacked me personally and NOT my arguments.
Just where is that "aiki is love," "aiki is accepting." Graham? Seems to me that when your opinions are pressed, you are the one to go in for the person just like you did now .

So, manners, Graham? Good grief, Call your thoughts into question and you attack the person. Right on que.
Not true Dan. 90% of my posts or more do not fit your description.

What percentage of yours? How many times have threads involving you been shut down?

Even on that odd occasion when I was'upset' I think you'll find I went against the views not the person. In fact how many times have I told you personally that what you do and you as a teacher of it is good? A number of times. It's like you don't want to hear that. Or more precisely, from me.

This picking one time or thing to outline the whole of how someone always is is either a sign of stupidity or outright manipulation.

Do you believe your first paragraph above is not an attack on the person? Apart from being full of generalities.

Do you even know what this thread is about? Have you contributed yet to it?

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