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Re: Learning from other arts?

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
Pure rubbish and an incomplete thought process from the start.
None of what you say is factually correct or even logical to anyone who has the slightest knowledge of Ueshiba's training experiences and research. Your founder did everything you are railing against; it was exactly his going out to other arts in order to develop his own. He continued to research and continued to develop.

You see his art as a finished product, and that he knew best for you... he obviously never thought that way or even took on that role. He encouraged people to develop their individual way of aiki.
Were I you, I would consider that genius is not stagnant. Followers of visionaries rarely do as well. They lag behind and never catch the original fire. He knew it and tried to break his own mold for others to catch on.
The majority of followers are not visionaries, instead they opt for a pallid substitute and sadly think it is all they are personally capable of and keep pointing to the past to validate their present state. It's easy not to excell when you convince yourself that you can't exceed the model you placed before you.
Aikido can be so much more than it has turned into. It can be one of finest arts the world has known, but it needs a serious shift in focus to do so.
Once again your failure to understand english amazes me.

I said O'Sensei was on a lifelong path. I said those who are like this do various martial arts and hence may be 4th dan in this and 6th dan in that etc.

You take what I say and repeat it. Fascinating.

He himself said that all the time he was searching for the truth of budo and that was his path.

It seems to me it is you who cannot accept certain things about him, not me.

After his realization and forming Aikido he never went out to try and find budo in other arts anymore did he. This doesn't mean he didn't then spend the rest of his life refining and polishing his art.

Is that plain enough for you?

It is you who keeps pointing to the past and ancient past and then turn that on others as you see fit.

You are welcome to your view, it's not mine and gladly nor is your manner.

To me as far as debate goes you are a mere baby. You attack in an abusive manner and cry foul if anyone is rude to you.

I look beyond the image, the intellect, the self importance and see everyone the same. Their views I may debate, their behaviour I deal with for it shows me where they truly are being.

Maybe you should learn more about manners.

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