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Re: Larger/stronger opponent

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If this is true, he probably should be focusing on his training and form, more so than defeating his upper classmate's techniques.

His Aikido really can't progress until he refocuses himself on himself.

But look at the bright side; you are working to make yourself effective, and he is training to make YOU are doing all the training when you work with him. So really when you work with him you are the only one training if you think about it.
All the training for you, none for him. You'll progress and get better. If he doesn't refocus he'll stagnate.
So very true. I have already noticed improvements in my movement, blending (he attacks hard and fast), and technique. He is very obviously still in the muscle stage of technique- this essentially forces me to not rely on strength since he will out-strength me 100% of the time. I agree...he will stagnate if he doesn't adjust. I just have to make sure I don't play his game mentally or physically. Maybe once he realizes I have acknowledged his physical superiority by not getting into a contest of wills he will tone it down a bit.
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