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Re: Larger/stronger opponent

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The guy you are working with like most really big or powerful guys really in general dont want to be seen to be weak.Hence the resistance to your waza.My question is this how do you think you can both gain from this type of competitive mindset[on his part ]?
I would not be surprised if the guy is as stiff as a board.
Aikido is a mutual exchange between partners.One partner acquires throwing skills etc the other acquires Ukemi skills.
If this guy never learns to absorb the waza from his partner because he wants to be Mr Powerhouse what happens if he runs into a guy who might apply a waza and damage his wrist etc?
He needs to lighten up, and co operate with you.At your level you need to train wisely not get involved in trials of strength.
If all else fails and he keeps on being awkward try applying a well placed atemi prior to your application on areas such as ribs / kneecaps /shins, chin.Of course be gentle here.Use this remedy only if all else fails.After a few clips here and there Mr Powerhouse might get the picture.
Are you the only one in the dojo who has this problem?Do your mates handle the same scenario easily?If the answer is yes , ask them how they sort Big Guy out.Let me know how you get on,
Cheers, Robert, from Joe.
I think you hit the nail on the head ....he doesn't want to show weakness/pain. I am not the only one who has noticed - he has been told on numerous occasions to loosen up and quit fighting techniques. I am not sure if he is trying to prove something or if he is generally just new enough to not know any better (he just made 5th kyu).

I guess I should have not engaged in a contest of wills, that was my mistake and I won't let that happen again. But it still opened my eyes because no one has ever resisted my techniques before - short of Sensei when I am just screwing something up...and that was obviously for him to make a point.
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