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Re: Solo Aiki Conditioning and Other Exercise

Jon Haas wrote: View Post
Hi Dan,
Thank you! This is exactly what I intend to do. I have been diligently working the solo exercises on a daily basis and am working with Rob to try and get him down to NJ for a day to help me and some of my guys who also want to train this stuff. And I'm working with my wife (does begging count as "working with"???) to try and schedule a Saturday to come back up and train with you.
Hello Jon
I'm glad to see that others are going to be getting together, that means my assessment of the situation and the over all plan to approach teachers is working.

Exercises are required of course but there is so much that are add-ons in our overall approach;
Fixing stances, once-side weightedness, carrying your weight from the center then strengthening movement and support, loosening of the waist/hips, how to tie the limbs together with the body/ center and legs to stop locks and throws. How to use the frame in weapons work -all kinds of weapons work. Weapons are a whole different subject that many people researching this stuff don't fully understand nor have a good handle on. I think in many of the discussions on-line people are over reaching between their opinions and views their real abilities in person.
Over time we can show you how we tie it together in a series of body training exercises and forms that resolves a host of issues that are absolutely essential for aikido- that I have yet to see anyone in aikido do well.
And it just so happens that it works in msany other things. As you saw first hand; from MMA, to karate, to CMA, and judo.
So we were hoping for just what you guys are discussing; repeat visits and group support.
Good on you.
Hope to see you soon
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