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Re: Solo Aiki Conditioning and Other Exercise

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A question I have been thinking about since Dan's seminar last weekend is how do you integrate the Aiki solo conditioning exercises with other types of exercise, or do you? Now, I know Dan has gone on record multiple times here on Aikiweb stating that body-building type weight lifting does not mix with Aiki. No problem there. What about yoga or Systema conditioning work or suburi or kettlebell lifting? Can they successfully be incorporated into this type of training or will they have a negative effect on the goal of building Aiki in the body?


Jon Haas
Hi Jon,

For me, I found that just focusing on the fundamental exercises (both solo and paired) for at least 6 months was *the* best way to start. They really do work on identifying and working those pathways. Can someone incorporate working on aiki with yoga, Systema, kettlebell lifting, or other stuff? Sure.

I couldn't at the very beginning but everyone is different. You might be able to mix them with yoga, or whatever, just fine. I think Rob said he's doing some version of yoga, so maybe he'll chime in here.

But I'd stay away from anything that has as its main focus to develop specific muscle groups. Like using weights to build biceps.

And while I wouldn't recommend any of the exercises that Chris posted, I might alter the wrist stretch one to fit what you're working on. Instead of focusing on "stretching" the joints, work on your intent going outwards such that when you twist the joint, you encounter that outward intent along with your whole body being at that joint. ack. Hard to describe.
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