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Re: Aikido and Sumo

All but one of the post above mine were -as you put it- anonymous, anecdotal, and vague.

"There has been some discussion recently on Aikiweb about using Sumo principles and exercises in Aikido......."

"I know of Daito ryu groups and aikido groups that use at least some sumo style 'wrestling / randori' for non-cooperative training in addition to kata training."

"...the writer speaks of Sagawa telling him to train using the sumo 'stomping' as a way of conditioning the body while away from regular training."

"During my Judo days, we used to do Sumo competitions once a month as a training tool. It was fun."

Interesting call, Rob. Hhmmm....

The Sumo exercises have even been mentioned here at Aiki web and also why they were either a waste, or useful.

The comments about "sumo training in their youth", as well as the notion that "I was a sickly child, so I trained martial arts." Is a twice told tale in so many budo interview I lost count.

Critiques as just being nothing more than "Nostalgia of the old days?" Go watch and learn.
What is happening in Sumo is happening everywhere.
Heres more vagueres for ya. Judoka have been writing about guys using more and more muscle and lack of refinement for years, Aikidoka-including master level teachers have been bemoaning the level of AIkido they see....for years So the degredation of various arts in the modern era -as-viewed by their own participants- is a corollary to what is happening in Sumo. Some men are reintroducing more stressful training to rediscover how to actually use some of these lost basics. Which was why I mentioned it.
Pollution? Well that's your view.

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