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Re: Aikido and Sumo

Dan Harden wrote: View Post
There were several DR instructors who spoke of Sumo body training and advocated it.
Ueshiba -if he didn't already know -enountered why? In Tenryu.
Tenryu enountered -how- to improve it through DR in Ueshiba
And what sort of training were they doing?
And why did he graduated in three months?

It doesn't mean go do so Sumo.
Why I hear tell that many old time Sumo guys will tell you the new guys ain't doing sumo well at all.
Sound familiar?
Seems everyone, everywhere, is just getting harder and flexing and lifting and its all going down the drain.
Its pretty sad when you meet MMAers who have a better understanding of weight distribition, relaxation VS flexation, stretching through locks, setting up counters and free thinking under stress ....over the "understanding" of so many "Budo" men.
Some of the stiffest, and lightest people to move, I ever met, came from Aikido: the soft art.
Some of the heaviiest were BJJ and MMAers.
Who don't know.... the
Who are these DR instructors?

What are the specific types of training? Are there any books or examples of this training in video form?

Are there any experts that you would recommend otherwise as a source?

Why doesn't it mean go do sumo? If that is a place that has those skills in a way that is repeatable, than why not learn those skills there?

Who are these old sumo guys disparaging the new ones and why? How do we know this isn't typical nostalgia for the days of yore?

I'm not sure how MMA in any way enters the discussion on this thread, since I didn't mention it, but I'd love to know what MMA people are doing in the sumo context.

I'm not sure how your post answers any of the questions or issues that I mentioned when I began this thread in any way whatsoever.

Dan, with all due respect, your post seems to be anonymous, anecdotal, and vague information and another attack on "some" Aikido people with respect on to "some" other people in BJJ and MMA that is seen so often these days on so many other threads on Aikiweb.

Whether this criticism is valid or not, please don't pollute this thread with it unless the discussion is topical and factual.

Here's another point, I vaguely remember John Stevens (in "Abundant Peace: The Biography of Morihei Ueshiba, Founder of Aikido," 1987) talking about O-Sensei studying sumo as a teenager in his book as a cure to being "sickly." Is my memory faulty, or am I thinking of someone else? Does anyone know more details than that? Unfortunately, the book isn't here to check.

Thanks for the input, though, Dan...
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