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AikiTom wrote:
I've been to some of their schools, and they emphasize uke keeping "connection" to nage even as he falls, as in a kokyu-ho exercise, which is very unnatural to me.
I've seen this too, and other things like it where, in a sense, too much depends on the uke, and I also think it can be problematic.

The thing about principles in Aikido, well, my experience is that sometimes people think they're learning them and they aren't necessarily. Not to be negative, but truthful, I have had many black belts in other styles of Aikido come through my dojo over the years, and we welcome everyone. Many times what I've seen is that they rely on superficial things to make technique successful. When you take that away, which tends to happen in a different setting than what one is used to, particularly at my school where using muscle will get you absolutely nowhere, many of the visitors were completely lost. They in fact didn't have any deeper knowledge of Ki, connection, Aiki, and kinesthetic response and reaction to actually get what was going on. This isn't the case all the time at all, but it has happened.

This is a very interesting subject to me. I don't mean to be critical of other styles, I have learned great things from every single one that I have practiced. At the same time, I have also experienced the above more times than I like to admit.

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