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DJM wrote:
Aikido is Aikido, styles don't really matter all that much, since the principles are the same across the board.
Here's a personal observation - I've seen and/or practiced many different styles of Aikido over the years, from Ki Society to Aikikai to "Saotome-style" to "Seagal-style" to Iwama to Tomiki and more, and I have found that although similar or the same words are used to describe or explain the principles, in actuality they can be very, very different in how they work; so much so that the essence of the art being practiced is actually different.

I'll give one example - in some styles of practice, sometimes a throw is achieved because if the uke doesn't take the fall, he/she will get struck. The fall is to a large degree a product of the uke protecting him/herself. In some other styles, like mine for instance, this is a completely unacceptable method and process. So here's an example where the principle is completely opposite....

There are many other examples that I have seen and experienced.

Just an interesting topic of discussion for me.

Larry Novick
Head Instructor
ACE Aikido
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