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Re: My Jiu Waza Needs Help

NEVER "decide" what technique to use - what happens during the blend will lead you to the technique (and remember to blend fully - don't shortcut to the throw).

How do you know what blend to use?

You will need some Zanshin to go with your Mushin. That is to say, be constantly connected, in control of uke. Not just during the "technique", but after the technique, while he's falling, while he's getting up, before his next attack. Don't stand there waiting for the next attack - shape it. Use your movement and extension to make up uke's mind for him what the attack will be, when, and from what direction. This way, your blend has begun before the attack.

These are things I strive for, but I'll be the first to admit that I'm far from achieving them. I've only had fleeting glimpses as yet.
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