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Re: My Jiu Waza Needs Help

Hi Tiyler,

As other have said you shouldn't think about the technique that you are going to do before uke attacks, but I understand that in the beginning you need to have some thought of what you are going to do as you are being attacked.

My advice would be to think about what your initial movement is going to be upon the attack and then concentrate on changing it each time. There are a limited amount of movements you can do initially but when you do them it will slow uke's movement down and hopefully a technique will pop out at you for you to apply.

By initial movements I mean things like:

1. Pivot or cross-step pivot to the right side
2. Pivot or cross-step pivot to the left side
3. Move in
4. Pivot on the back foot (both left and right)
5. Step back

Depending on what technique you are being attacked with your hands can do a lot as well


During pivot just keep contact with the grabbed hand
During pivot use other hand on top or underneath of grabbed hand and remove grabbed hand from grasp


Allow uke's hand to come down and then bring it back up in a circle
Allow uke's hand to come down and then use it from chest height
Block uke's strike with both hands and go forward or pivot out of the way
Duck under strike so that they go behind

Lots of other variations, but I hope my idea makes sense. Its one of the ways I teach jiyuwaza and it seems to work.

A few yen worth of thoughts...



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