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Talking about bullies, how do you get parents to realize that their beautiful child is one?
Yea, I find the easy answer reply of those "some people" have the worst perspective, poorest attitude and understanding of the situation and human nature. A justification for power behavior a.k.a. bully behavior. Many parents I see don't want their kids to be the weak one, they prefer to have their kid be the bully. Bully behavior in the adult world is powerful. Allot of parents are bullied at work by a boss or are bosses that bully, so they see that is something their kid will have to be, to be successful in the world. This is a clue, no a green flag for kids to continue their behavior.

I don't have kids but it seem as my aunt calls it, allot of parents have the Christ Called Syndrome. The threat their infant to kid as the if it was Christ with all the attention, and can't do no wrong. You can't change that such parents never see or want to see their child in a bad way because they have to do something about it. It is easier to let the kid bully other kids, making the kid apologizing then the work needed to change the kids behavior that the parent initiated by treated it like god. Of course this isn't he only situation, there is the kid who learns to bully because the parent is one and the kid is the victim that learns bully behavior.

How do you not create a bully? You have to do it through the parent and that is often impossible. You might be able to change a bully depending on the age, and the situation that exists at the home where the root of the kid being a bully is. But that is hard when in the adult world bullies are rewarded for being bullies.
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