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Charles Hill
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Re: Bullying

Hi Bob,

I see that you list Akira Tohei as your primary teacher. I began Aikido at the Glen Ellen Aikido Club in 1990 and also frequently went to the Chicago dojo to train regular classes and seminars. My best friend was a kenshusei under Tohei Sensei, who regularly came out to Glen Ellen to teach.

I must admit that I am surprised that you were surprised to read Dr. Goldsbury`s comments on bullying in Aikido. The MAC had several well known bullies. I have heard many, many stories, witnessed several episodes myself and have even experienced bullying myself a couple of times there. It is surprising to me that you are not aware of this.

Another more general comment. It is my experience that bullies are not aware that they bully. It is even conceivable to me that a complete bully could participate in a discussion as this one and not even realize the irony.

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