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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

Ellis, stories can be dangerous because they create naive notions of reality, if not properly prefaced. I am saying authors and story tellers have a responsibility to their readers in telling such stories as you do, for the reasons you do. My original concern was that the story you told was equally creating naive notions on the opposite end of the scale as those you criticized to be "soft." Is that fair, is that wise. Am sorry I popped your bubble.

I still think the greatest conflict resolution regarding this thread isn't going to be physical battery. That might not agree with you. But it has been my experience after a many sessions with the bully that a look can be the most effective way to resolve a conflict in many situations. In my case, a look from a bully was all it took for me and others to be intimidated. Well my Mom too. She had a look too. It resolved many conflicts for years between me and my siblings. Oh yea, and teachers, coaches, etc. too. Oh and Clint Eastwood in Dirty Harry and other films. He was goooood. He had an eye.

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