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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

I wouldn't know what an "aikidoka" is. I don't think such a thing exists. People practice aikido, a martial art, of some utility in certain circumstances. People also fantacize a lot about something they call aikido, based on poor English translations of the cryptic statements of a somewhat meglomaniacal shaman-like man, who imposed an ideology of sorts on his version of another martial art, and meld their own fantasies with those of their teachers and those whose views are congenial or stimulating that they read or hear somewhere - and state that this is AIKIDO.
What's interesting is how you fanticize about me as well. I never said that "taking violence in one's own hands is for real aikidoka." I never prescribe anything for aikidoka since I don't believe such an entity exists. And I never recommended anything in this thread, at least. I just told a couple of stories.
Seems to me, you may be the impressionable type of person you are so worried about - because I think you may be the only one who interpreted things as a) directed at how aikidoka should act b) directed at you.
For you say that by my standards, you are not a real aikidoka. Well, I don't think you are - because I don't think such a thing exists.
As for aikido, I believe that aikido is what Osensei said it was - and he was quite clear that a) he didn't care about good and evil, saying that they were irrelevent, b) that the conflict resolution he was concerned about was the reconciliation of cosmic forces, not helping people get along. And that is something I do not subscribe to in the least. Ueshiba interests me, but he is certainly not a model or exemplar of anything I would want to be, or model myself on.
(Terry, by the way, would disagree - but that would require another story, and that would be, as you say, a dangerous thing).
And finally - you say, yet again - "Stories of those we decide to look up to, people we want to model ourselves in their likeness can be dangerous no matter how you look at resolving conflict." In other words, "don't burst my bubble." OK, don't float it in my direction.
Ellis Amdur

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