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Re: How truly refreshing - Tohei K. on conflict resolution

AH, now I get it. Buck, you believe in non-violence! Now it's clear! (I don't, particularly, believe in non-violence, fwiw).
And you also believe that if someone read my story of Terry grabbing a rapist by the throat intent on hurting the man who tried to maim someone dear to him, that they, naive and ijmpressionable, will, from that story alone, be moved to act in a similar manner when someone tries to rape and maim their loved ones, when they never would have dreamed of doing so before - or, to be fair, might have dreamed of it, but wouldn't have, due to the powerful influence of TrueAikido(TM) as exemplified by Terry's train story, now irrevocably undermined by Terry's back alley story.
Reminds of another story - I just cannot resist!!! Fingers - you must stop!
Someone complained to Nidai Doshu (in my presence) about people being hurt on the mat, during aikido practice. Doshu looked amused and said, "Well, it is a martial art. Maybe such people shouldn't do aikido."
Arrrggghhh! Another slew of impressionable people will now, under Doshu's influence (as channeled by me) start hurting people, whereas before, believing Doshu to be kind and benign and peaceful, would never have hurt someone.
Keep messing with me and I will tell more stories - like a guy who wrote a letter to a newspaper after flying to Japan next to the Dalai lama, and he sees the holy man chowing down on a large steak, and asks him, "Excuse me, but aren't you Buddhists vegetarian?" And the Dalai Lama replied, "Oh, that's only for really serious Buddhists."
(And as you read this, Buck, know that somewhere, an aikidoka vegetarian is off the wagon and on the hunt, as vulnerable cow all unaware that she is about to be ingested by an anecdotally influenced fruitarian).

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